‘ So much of learning to sing well is about learning to be free, trusting the musicality we innately have…


….and practising a lot! ’

Dedicated, one-on-one instruction.

Intense but fun!

One-to-one Hobart-based singing lessons

We focus on the release of all unnecessary muscular action for the free production of tone promoting the natural development of resonance and good intonation, clarity of tone and clear articulation of words. We highlight the crucial connection between the speaking and singing voice promoting unique vocal identity of singers creating a clear and honest delivery.

For singers, and people who’ve always wanted to sing, but haven’t. Yet.

Beginner to professional voice lessons – opera, musical theatre, contemporary pop and rock. Learn natural breath support, extend your range and discover your ‘easy’ high notes!

We work to bring out your best by guiding, encouraging and challenging you to fulfil the singing potential you know you have.