Our approach? Simple:

Sing as freely as you speak.

The Revolve Arts method focuses on the release of all unnecessary muscular action for the free production of tone. This promotes the natural development of resonance and good intonation, clarity of tone and clear articulation of words. We teach the connection between the speaking and singing voice, which promotes the unique vocal identity of singers, creating a clear and honest delivery unaffected by vocal tension.

Sound is produced respecting the physiological laws of nature and without imitation or falsification of sound, providing a solid foundation of knowledge of vocal registers and how to blend them, vocal range, posture, breath support, carry power, and phonetics.

An important aspect of our work is to incorporate movement to develop the vital connection of voice with physicality to increase vocal freedom and potency of vocal expression.

After extensive study in Italy examining the many technical aspects of vocal development, we recognized the importance of integrating our dance & sporting backgrounds in order to foster performers who were not only able to sing beautifully but also to perform dynamically and spontaneously.

We offer a friendly, relaxed environment: we’ll encourage you to maintain good posture when singing, but we’ll also encourage you to pull up a bean bag when you’re not.

We’re also keen to run our studio along modern lines: as well as the odd bit of sheet music, we also use tablets for managing scores and we have stand-mounted screens linked to our computers, to keep things streamlined.