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in the comfort of your own home.

What’s so special about Lisa’s method? Watch this brief intro to learn about ‘the keys to the singing universe’.

Singing freely means singing with clear tone, rich resonance and a full range. Learn to release key tension points to reveal the unique individuality of your own voice while discovering a wonderful sense of well-being.

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Self-paced singing lessons – buy online

Why drive into the city to do singing lessons? Sheesh, I travelled across the globe for singing lessons. But now you can benefit from my experience in the comfort of your own home.

I’ve created a short series of lessons that cover crucial key exercises for learning to sing freely.

Essential stuff for both beginner and advanced singers.

Learning to sing freely is an inspiring musical journey. Join me as we uncover some of the most common myths about singing. Learn it the right way…the first time!

device-friendly mp4 singing lesson

About this lesson...

The fundamentals of learning to sing freely is a crucial 15 minute starter video for all singers.

With easy to understand explanations and exercises for singers who wish to learn the steps to producing a free singing voice and full vocal range, highlighting the main points of vocal tension and how to release them. This video will set you up for great singing!

Available as video and audio exercises bundled, or just the audio exercises.

About this lesson...

Developing range and chest/head voice transition is an essential 22 minute video for understanding and blending your chest and head voice registers, developing vocal range, resonance and tone clarity. More suited to female voices.

Available as video and audio exercises bundled, or just the audio exercises.

About this lesson...

Natural breath support and free flowing tone is a vital 21 minute video for learning to support your voice and create volume naturally. Comprehensive exercises teach you comfortable breathing that replenishes naturally, leading to clear vocal tone.

Available as video and audio exercises bundled, or just the audio exercises.

About this lesson...

Learning to sing high notes for classical and contemporary singers is a 14 minute video giving you the key ingredients for learning to sing high. It uncovers the myth of needing a lot of air and demonstrates how you can learn to sing those high notes without any vocal strain. Don’t miss it!

Available as video and audio exercises bundled, or just the audio exercises.


What can I expect from the lessons?

You’ll learn Lisa’s method developed from decades of experience as a scholarship-winning student, performer, and teacher (for more information, see Lisa’s bio). Lisa’s focus on relaxation and freeing the natural voice allows the singer to develop their voice without the stress and strain that other methods can place on the voice. Lisa’s explanations and demonstrations give the singer a comprehensive understanding of the singing voice and the versatility to sing a wide range of styles due to developing the full, free range of the singing voice.

What am I actually buying?

Each of the lessons can be purchased as downloadable files, either as:

  • A bundle – a HD video file (*.mp4) and accompanying audio file (*.mp3). The video content will introduce you to the key concepts, in a friendly, conversational style, and provide visual demonstrations of what is being taught. The mp3 audio file consists of spoken instructions and vocal demonstrations with accompaniment, for completing exercises from that lesson in practise time.
  • Audio file (*.mp3) only. This is the very same audio file which is included in the bundle. The exercises are designed to accompany the video lessons, but the mp3 audio exercises can also be used on their own as they contain explanations and comprehensive exercises for home practise.
So, how do I download them?

Whoa up there… you have to buy them first. We accept:

  • credit card payments through PayPal (and no, you don’t need a PayPal account to do this – just choose the appropriate option on the PayPal page when you get there)
  • direct bank transfer, or
  • payment from a PayPal account.

Once payment is completed, you will receive an email which includes a download link (so make sure you give us a valid email address during the purchase process!) to a zipped (compressed) file.

Once you’ve received the email with the download link, just click the link to download the file and, when downloaded, you’ll be able to unzip it and start singing.

You will be able to access the download link for 14 days, and you will be able to use the download link three times.

While we considered using Digital Rights Management to protect our work, we ultimately decided against this to make the content as accessible and portable to our students as possible. We trust that you will respect that the techniques that have been described in these lessons have been developed based on decades of experience and training – they are intended for the purchaser’s use only, as this is our livelihood.