Lesson schedule

We get pretty busy here, so we’ve knocked up a schedule to map out what we do and when, on a weekly basis.

We’ve colour-coded our activities to help you identify when we’re doing what interests you. Please get in touch to discuss whether we have any vacancies in our teaching schedules.


Lisa’s private singing lessons
Lisa’s performance group 15-18 y.o. singing lessons
Laura’s beginner group lessons
Laura’s private beginner singing lessons
Group Noise rock choir

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Our teaching terms follow the four school terms each year. Payment for lessons is made in advance, one term at a time.

For lessons cancelled no later than the day before the lesson, we will reschedule the lesson or give a credit on the lesson fee; cancellations on the day of the lesson do incur the cost of the lesson.

Private singing lessons

30 minutes: $38.50

Performance group singing lessons

Kids’ (11-14 years) 1 hour: $22

Intermediate (15-18 years) 1½ hours: $27.50

Combination singing lessons

30 minute private lesson + kids’ (11-14 years) performance group 1 hour: $49.50

30 minute private lesson + intermediate (15-18 years) performance group ½ hours (weekly): $55

Group Noise rock choir

1½ hours: $13.20